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Air Midwest Fleet, Accidents & Incidents, History, Activity in Mesa Air Group

Air Midwest Fleet, Accidents & Incidents, History, Activity in Mesa Air Group

Air Midwest - a former regional airline of the United States of America , headquartered in Wichita ( Indiana ),  is a fully subsidiary of Aviation Holding Mesa Air Group .
Air Midwest Airlines has used an operational Air Operator Certificate AMWA510A, issued May 15, 1965 Federal Office of Civil Aviation U.S. and worked under the trademarks US Airways Express Airlines backbone US Airways , Midwest Express Airlines Midwest Airlines , performing regular flights to 28 destinations in 12 states.
History The airline was founded by Gary Adamson ( Eng. Gary Adamson) in May 1965 under the name Aviation Services, Inc. The company's headquarters was located in the city of Wichita ( Kansas ). Aviation Services initially operated one aircraft Cessna 206 and was engaged in transportation of cargo by the orders of the local morgue . Later, the airline refused transportation, and in 1967 opened its first scheduled passenger flight between the cities of Wichita and Salina ( Kansas ).

In 1968, the regional airline Frontier Airlines went to the passenger transport market in the state of Kansas and Aviation Services began actively expanding its route network in the state. The following year, the company name was changed to Air Midwest, and to provide increased volume of traffic the airline makes an order for new turboprop aircraft Beech 99 .

In 1978, the Air Force Air Midwest added ten aircraft Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner , and opened new regular flights from Kansas City to New Mexico , Iowa and Nebraska . In 1991 the airline was acquired by Air Midwest manager of aviation holding company Mesa Air Group .
Logo of the airline in 1970

In 1985 he teamed up with Air Midwest based in Fayettville ( Arkansas ), a regional carrier Scheduled Skyways with a view of obtaining code-sharing agreement with the carrier Republic Airlines to use a hub in Memphis International Airport . Both a joined company exploiting one type of aircraft, and their route networks are complementary, so that Air Midwest expected easily to obtain a partnership agreement with Republic Airlines. However, to maintain routes in Memphis Repablik chose another regional airline, because the application process revealed a number of hidden problems, in particular, the lack of servicing aircraft Scheduled Skyways. Over the next few years, in order to avoid accumulating problems with supervisors, Air Midwest Division Scheduled Skyways bring to a state of bankruptcy.

Despite a bad marketing move with the acquisition of Air Midwest Scheduled Skyways, she was able to conclude the 1985 code-sharing agreement with the airline Ozark Air Lines to use the brand Ozark Midwest, with Eastern Air Lines - to use the brand's Eastern Air Midwest Express Airlines, and the backbone American Airlines - to work under the name of the regional transport American Eagle Airlines .

In 1987, because of the problems with financial assets of Air Midwest Airlines American Airlines has implemented its infrastructure hub in Nashville International Airport and aircraft Saab 340 . In 1986, Trans World Airlines airline acquired Ozark Air Lines and was forced to terminate the contract with Air Midwest to the use of the transportation hub to the International Airport in St. Louis , because at that time already had a working partner in this market - the company Air Resort (now - Trans States Airlines ).

In 1990, Air Midwest has partnered with the airline USAir , and July 12, 1991 the company released an official message to the entire staff of Air Midwest: «International Airport hub in St. Louis will be sold Airlines Trans States Airlines, everything else will be implemented in the Mesa Air Group ". 

Activity in Mesa Air Group

In the period from 1991 to 1997, Air Midwest operates 12 aircraft Beechcraft 1900 , working under the name of the regional transportation USAir Express from the hub to the International Airport in Kansas City . In 1997, the direction of the holding Mesa Air Group has conducted a global restructuring of its divisions, which resulted in the airline's subsidiaries FloridaGulf Airlines and Liberty Express Airlines were attached to the Air Midwest.

After completion of the merger of Air Midwest provides regular flights between the small settlements, subsidized by the U.S. government under the Federal Program of the United States Essential Air Service (EAS) , working under the brand name US Airways Express Airlines backbone US Airways hub of the International Airport Finiks/Skay- Harbor and flies on regular routes, Mesa Airlines from Albuquerque International Airport and International Airport, Dallas / Fort Worth .

For three weeks in August 2006, Air Midwest has worked under the name Delta Connection trunk airlines Delta Air Lines , performing flights on aircraft Beechcraft 1900D from the International Airport, John F. Kennedy in the Providence ( Rhode Island ), and Windsor Locks ( Connecticut ). This shift of direction was a regular service after the bankruptcy of the other airline subsidiary of the holding - Freedom Airlines , and operated before the transfer route network in New York's John F. Kennedy Airport into a regional carrier Chautauqua Airlines .

February 1, 2007 Air Midwest offers regular flights from Chicago Midway International Airport to the airports of the State of Illinois Decatur , Marion and Quincy . However, after nine months of holding Mesa Air Group announced the termination of all traffic in the airports Air Midwest Illinois from November 9, 2007.

In its report, published January 14, 2008 Journal The Wall Street Journal , CEO Jonathan G. Ornstein Holding ( Eng. Jonathan G. Ornstein) said the decision to close the board of directors of the holding airline Air Midwest due to a significant increase in fuel prices and significant increase in operating costs. All of the city, serviced by regular communication Air Midwest, received official notice of closure of flight,  and 30 June 2008 the airline ceased all operations.


As of February 2008 Air Midwest Air Fleet consisted of the following aircraft:
Midwest Fleet Fleet
Type of aircraft Only Passenger Directions
Beechcraft 1900D 11 19 All
Previously the airline operated aircraft Cessna 402 , Beech 99 , Metroliner , Jetstream 31 ​​, Saab 340 and Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia .


 January 8, 2003. Flight 5481 Charlotte, NC ( North Carolina ) - Greenville / Spartanburg ( South Carolina ) under the brand name US Airways Express. Beechcraft 1900D aircraft in 37 seconds after takeoff from the International Airport, Charlotte / Douglas fell on one of the airport hangar and burst into flames. Killing all 19 passengers and 2 crew members. The reasons for the disaster were improper alignment and overload the aircraft, as well as the wrong elevator control cables, made ​​in the previous maintenance.

Air Macau Introduction, Fleet, History, Service

Air Macau Introduction, Fleet, History, Service, Cooperation Relations

Air Macau is a base located in the flag carrier of Macau , Mainland China , Taiwan , Southeast Asia and East Asia routes. Its main base is Macau International Airport , the license key for the NX. At present, Air Macau destinations throughout a number of cities in Mainland China and Southeast Asia's major cities.

History of Air Macau

Air Macau was established on September 13 , 1994 November 9, 1995, for commercial flights, the first dispatch of the aircraft to fly to Beijing and Shanghai from Macao (formerly Macau helicopter executive flew to Macau's short-haul air transport tasks) . October 7, 2002, a Shenzhen via Macau to Taipei 's freight routes started operation, this is the first full cargo flights of Air Macau.

Shareholders of Air Macau to Air China (51%), TAP Portugal Airlines (20%), Macao Tourism and Entertainment Limited (14%), EVA Air (5%), the Macau Government (5%), and other public investors (5%). 

Air Macau Service

December 23, 2005 , Air Macau into a ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification.

As of September 15, 2009 , Air Macau is a total staff of 1002. Macau local employees accounted for 31.8% of employees from 28 countries and regions in the world. Average age of employees is 28 years old.

Air Macau in mid-2008 due to mismanagement, encountered financial problems. On December 4, 2009 , the National Air China announced a capital injection of 159 million yuan, Air China increased to 80.8625 percent stake in Qantas.

June 15, 2010 , Air Macau announced to expand the cooperative relationship with All Nippon Airways (ANA), the first step to Kansai International Airport departure Domestic flights code shared with ANA in the same year on July 1 , followed by the same year announced a further expansion to the flight of Narita International Airport , Fukuoka Airport and other places starting October 5.

Air Macau Cooperation Relation

Air Macau has not joined the airline alliance , but a very close relationship with the part of the Star Alliance member airlines.

One of the two major shareholders of Air Macau - China International Airlines and TAP Portugal Airlines, Star Alliance members.

2010, Air Macau officially announced and is also a member of the Star Alliance, All Nippon Airways become partners, in addition to mutual sharing of flight code, the two company's loyalty program - Australia statue will and ANA Mileage Club member can be in Qantas or ANA operated flights earn mileage.

March 26, 2012, the China International Aviation and its frequent flyer program - PhoenixMiles formal cooperation with Air Macau, two loyalty program member is traveling on Qantas or Air China flights can accumulate mileage.

Air Macau Fleet

Air Macau's fleet by the following aircraft ( updated April 2012 )
Registration No. Model Photo Patronage of Hostname Remarks
B-MAB Airbus A321-131
178 Lotus No. (LOTUS)
B-MAF Airbus A321-131
178 Azores (ACORES)
B-MAG Airbus A321-131 Air Macau - Ilha de Coloane 9463.JPG 178 The Coloane number (Ilha de Coloane)
B-MAH Airbus A320-232
150 Madeira No. (Ilha da Madeira)
B-MAJ Airbus A321-231 A320 AirMacao.jpg 178 Guia Lighthouse number (Farol Da Guia) 2005 East Asian Games " painting
B-MAK Airbus A319-132
122 The Yangtze number (RIO YANGZI)
B-MAL Airbus A319-132
122 Yellow River No. (RIO AMARELO) With the new Business Class, and update the Economy Class seat cover design
B-MAM Airbus A319-132
122 Sun Moon Lake No. (LAGO SOL LUA)
B-MAN Airbus A319-132
122 Huangpu River No. (RIO HUANG PU)
B-MAO Airbus A319-132
122 The Brahmaputra number (RIO YALUZANGBU)
B-MAP Airbus A321-231
178 The Zhujiang number (RIO DAS PEROLAS)
B-MAQ Airbus A321-231
178 The Taihu number (LAGO TAI)
B-MAR Airbus A321-131
178 The Haojiang No. (HAO JIANG)
B-MAX Airbus A320-232
150 Development (DEVELOPMENT)


Since the start when, Air Macau has been in the cross-strait passenger transport plays a vital role. Currently, the weekly 72-class round-trip flights from Macau to Taipei and 28-class round-trip flights from Macau to Kaohsiung. The income of these flights accounted for more than 70% of the profits in Air Macau.

Air Macau in the importance of cross-strait air transport services, can also be reflected from the unique service it provided since the 1995 operation. Before 2003 the two sides opened direct charter flights as well as run regular flights between the two sides in 2009 , Air Macau is a cross-strait only one airline to provide a machine in the end "services. Passengers between the mainland cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Taipei, only at the Macao International Airport during the stops to bring along their own hand luggage, for a quick replacement procedures, and then stay for about 30 minutes in the departure hall, you can take the same flight to reach their destination. Air Macau flights for the visitors from Taiwan for Taiwan residents for the mainland of China Mainland Travel Permit.

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Air Southwest (Canada), Fleet, Overview

Air Southwest (Canada), Fleet, Overview

Air Southwest Ltd, which operated as Air Southwest - the former Canadian airline with local headquarters in the city of Chilliwack ( British Columbia ), carried out by chartered flights on Human Settlements, the western provinces, as well as providing training and training of private pilots.

Homeport airline was the Chilliwack Airport.

Air Southwest Fleet
  • Cessna 206 Stationair - 1 unit
  • Cessna 182P Skylane - 1 unit
Air Canada Review

Air Southwest Airlines was founded in 1983, is currently owned and operated construction company «Emil Anderson Construction Company Ltd».

May 12, 2005 Transport Canada issued a decision on the application of Air Southwest revocation of licenses and operator 962 167 967 017 number. The first license allows airlines to operate flights on domestic routes by air of small aircraft, a second license - the commission charter and international flights in small planes. As of February 2010 no information about the license renewal of the operator did not arrive.

Air Italy Fleet, History, Codes, Trivia, Subsidiaries, Financial

Air Italy Fleet, History, Codes, Trivia, Subsidiaries, Financial

Air Italy is an airline Italian based in Gallarate.

Air Italy History

Air Italy is an Italian airline founded in early 2005 on the initiative of Captain Giuseppe Gentile to enter the aviation charter and scheduled short and long range. On July 19, 2011 was announced a plan to integrate with the company Meridiana and the commander in September 2011 Dear is the CEO of the new group. In January 2012 have been integrated Internet platforms of the two companies that now allow booking flights on both carriers. Some flights are operated by Air Italy Meridiana fly aircraft and vice versa.

Air Italy Subsidiaries

Air Poland (formerly Air Italy Polska)

On 30 April 2007 Air Italy has created a new airline called Air Italy Polska (now Air Poland) based in Warsaw with the Polish capital from investors, but controlled by Air Italy SpA Fly with the ICAO AEI.

The new company began operating a Boeing 757 from Air Italy used earlier in the month of November 2007 operating charter flights to medium-long range from Poland , especially from the capital and base of the company (Warsaw) and the regional airport Katowice .
2007-2008 winter destinations served from Warsaw: Varadero (Cuba), Bangkok (Thailand) and Goa (India).

For summer 2008, the Company leased a Boeing 757 from British company Astraeus and April 25, 2008 took place on the first flight of the Boeing company's second assigned Hurgada.
Destinations served by the summer of 2008 several Polish cities (particularly Warsaw), Cuba, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey.
The fleet now consists of two Boeing 737-800 .

Euro Mediterranean Airlines (Egypt Air Italy)

It was a company founded in 2006 as a joint venture between Air Italy (75%) and an Egyptian tour operator (25%). It began operations in April 2007 as "Euro Mediterranean Airlines' using a Boeing 757-200 with SU-BPY brands. In September 2009 the aircraft was returned to the company lease and the company was renamed "Air Italy Egypt "with the intent to use a Boeing 737-800 Air Italy. The company ended operations in late 2009.

Air Italy Brazil

Air Italy in April 2009 began with the Brazilian government authorities a feasibility study for setting up an airline in Brazil, based at the ' airport of Fortaleza-Pinto Martins , to operate domestic and intercontinental routes. In spite of everything The plan was never put in place.

Air Italy Scandinavia

In addition to the already made-up of Air Italy Polska, Gentile announced in September 2007 that negotiations were underway to establish Air Italy Scandinavia, based on an old project of missing Air Europe UK, which went bankrupt in 1991. Although this intention turned out to only one project is not realized.

Air Italy Airlines Connections & Links:

In Italy:-

From Rome-Fiumicino (Base) to:
  • Turin
  • Verona
From Naples (base) to:
  • Catania
  • Olbia
  • Turin
  • Verona
From Torino (base) to:
  • Naples
  • Rome-Fiumicino
From Verona (base) to:
  • Bari
  • Naples
From Bari to:
  • Milan-Linate
  • Verona
From Catania to:
  • Naples

From Olbia to:

  • Naples
In the world:-

By Milan-Malpensa (hub) to:
  • Fortaleza
  • Maceio
  • Natal
  • The Roman
  • Bazar
  • Recife
  • Sabina Gokcen Istanbul

By Rome-Fiumicino (base) to:

  • Fortaleza
  • The Roman
  • Maceio
  • Natal
  • Bazar

By Verona-Villafranca (base) to:

  • Mombasa
  • Yerevan

Flights from Rome-Fiumicino to Fortaleza and back are marked with a direct call from the airports in Turin and Verona.

Shared Code

As of May 3, 2010, was activated a codeshare with Alitalia , thanks to which flights will be operated in the dual code of 10 national airports: Bari, Bergamo, Catania, Genoa, Naples, Olbia, Palermo, Rome, Turin and Verona. The future intention is to expand cooperation on long-haul flights of Air Italy, Alitalia routes not currently covered by.

Financial Information

The consolidated budget airline Air Italy Group, ended 31 October 2007 , reported income before taxes of more than 1.3 million euros corresponding to a net profit of 155,440 euros. Total revenues amounted to over 113.7 million euros (113,739,251); are 400 employees, of which 320 in Air Italy.

The next budget has however reported an increase in sales, to 229.5 million euros, but compared to a loss of 1.4 million, this negative result was attributed by the investment costs.

Air Italy Airlines Fleet

In January 2012 the fleet consists exclusively of aircraft Boeing aircrafts and have an average age of approximately 15.7 years.

Below are listed all aircraft of the Air Italy Group thus also including those who work for the Polish Air Controlled Poland.
  • Aircrafts flying as Air Italy (11):
  • 3 Boeing 737-300 EI-IGR - IGS-EI - I-AIGM
    3 Boeing 737-700 EI-IGP - IGT-EI - EI-IGU
    2 Boeing 767-200ER AIGH I-- I-AIGI
    2 Boeing 767-300ER AIGG I-- I-AIGJ
  • Aircrafts flying as Air Poland (Air Italy Polska), (2):
  • 2 Boeing 737-800 EI-EOJ - SP-IGN
For the maintenance of its aircraft, Air Italy relies on its holding, maintenance (AirItaly AMO), EASA Part 145 certificated airports present on the Verona-Villafranca (hangar), Milan-Malpensa , Naples-Capodichino and Turin-Caselle .

Air Italy Trivia
  • The first livery Air Italy was very similar to that of Air France , the "legend" has it that the French company has noted this problem and as a result of what the logo on the tail was quickly replaced with the one currently in use.
  • The logo of Air Italy depicts a phoenix , which, as everyone knows, is a mythological animal can be reborn from its ashes after death. The reason for this is due to the fact that Air Italy Air reborn from the ashes of Europe, with many former employees and adopting a similar system of management.
  • On June 26, 2011 Air Italy has set a record with a Boeing 767-200, I-AIGH brands, with which it has landed at the airport of Skiathos in Greece. This is the largest aircraft ever landed on the island, because the track is only 1620m long.

Air Europa Fleet, Incidents, History, Objectives

Air Europa Fleet Information, Incidents & Accidents, History, Objectives

Air Europa Lineas AĆ©reas, SAU, a Spanish airline with seat and base in Palma in Majorca and a member of the airline alliance SkyTeam.

Air Europa History

Air Europa was founded in 1986 and began its operations with the implementation of international charter flights . In 1991 the company was sold to a group of investors sold.

By the first of a domestic private airline Air Europa broke through in 1993 the monopoly of Iberia in Spain. In 1995 the company operated for the first time foreign destinations by scheduled flight . The first targets were in London and New York City . 1996 already 750 weekly flights were conducted. In the same year the division for domestic flights in Air Europe Express has been renamed.

Air Europe 1998 came the new holding company Corporacion Empresarial in Globalia. Two years later the company bought for transatlantic flights, the first new Boeing 767-300ER aircraft direct from Boeing .

Since 2006, Air Europe was a partnership of SkyTeam and eventually became a full member in 2010. As part of this collaboration is also joined the Flying Blue frequent flyer program of Air France-KLM.

Air Europa, founded in 2007 together with the Government of the Dominican Republic , the subsidiary Air Dominicana as the future flag carrier of the country. After several delays the start of operations on 21 September 2009 finally announced that the project is not pursued.

Air Europa Fleet

As of March 2012 is the fleet of 41 aircraft from Air Europe with an average age of 6.5 years:

Aircraft Type





Airbus A330-200



Boeing 737-800



16 with winglets fitted


Boeing 767-300ER



Boeing 787-8


Delivery expected in 2013

- Open -

Embraer 195






Air Europa Incidents & Accidents

Air Europa recorded in its history no accidents with fatalities.
  • At the 27th October 2007 was one of the United Nations gechartete Boeing 737-800 Air France at the landing at the airport Katowice severely damaged the fuselage and engines, as they are because of too low Anflugs the approach light brushing.
Air Europa Objectives

Air Europa operates holiday and city destinations in North and West Europe , as well as in South, Central and North America and the Caribbean. In Germany are currently no targets approached. She also maintains code-share agreements with Aeroflot, Aeromexico, Alitalia, Air France, KLM and TAROM.

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Air Andaman Introduction & Fleet

Air Andaman Introduction & Fleet

Air Andaman is listed in Regional airlines which is located in Thailand, in 2000 Established the same year October 29 Formal operations, operating domestic and international routes and the provision of non-scheduled services. Initial destination - Air Andaman Bangkok, Phuket and Singapore to 2003 April has been extended to 13 destinations. 2004 Andaman Air stopped operating, 2006 Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand in March to cancel the Air Andaman Air license.


* 3 Fokker F50
* A Fokker F100
* 3 Jetstream -31

Air Express Data Codes, Armada

Air Express Data Codes, Armada

Air Express is an airline based in Tanzania.

Air Express Data Codes

* Code IATA: ZG
* Code ICAO: AEJ

Air Express Armada

Air Express do not use any jet aircraft (March 2005). A Boeing 737-200 sent in November 2002, But not used again in October 2004.